Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How to protect village from attacks?


Every coin master user are very curious to know how to protect village from getting attack.

Today i will share two tricks to protect village from getting attackers.

Best part of my trick is you can attack your friends village but your friend can't do the same.

without wasting your time,i am sharing both the tricks one by one.

Either roll the coin master board and protect village using shield.

You can also use rhino pet to protect village from attack.

Now question is how rhino protect village from attack?

Feed rhino with food to activate it for four hours.

more you upgrade rhino,higher chance of protection.

best part of upgrading rhino is,it will also increase your coin master game stars

Protect village by hatching the Rhino pet. When you do not have any shields, the Rhino will have a certain percentage chance of blocking the attack.

Before end reading..

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