Thursday, August 8, 2019

Differance Between guest mode and facebook live

So guys you know we can play coin master game in two ways one is guest mode and other is by connecting coin master game to facebook account.Playing coin master game by connecting account to facebook is very interesting.

so i will explain you what is differance between guest mode and facebook live?

What is guest mode?

Once you start the game, it will ask you to enter the facebook login details.There is one more option on bottom of screen i.e. play as guest.Go ahead with play as guest and use benefit of free slot machine spins and coins given to you from the start.

You should have enough coins to build up a few sections of your village and good amount of spins on hand in order to acquire even more coins.

When playing as a guest, you will eventually, hit a wall you/'ll be left with no slot machine spins and a small amount of coins that can't help you build your village even further.

Once you reach the aforementioned level it's time to connect the game to your Facebook account. The benefits that come from performing this action are much too beneficial to ignore.

As soon as you link the game to your Facebook account, you will be rewarded with some spins and coins from coin master.

coin master login with facebook
Login with facebook

In this game spin and coins play major role to upgrade the stage and after connecting account to facebook may allow you to invite friend on Facebook which in turn reward you with extra spin.

You can send and receive spins and coins on the regular, so being a generous friend goes.

Connecting coin master account to facebook may allow you to attack on friend can also place raid on friend village . All these option are not available in guest mode.

Chest unlock at level 3. Once you are there you'll get more free daily rewards from the chests system. Try to get to level 3 as soon as you can. This will include cards that add to your goodies.

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