Friday, August 9, 2019

Coin master cheats tips and tricks

Now i will share with you the basic cheats tips and tricks of coin master.all this are small this but it will help you a lot to clear village.

You just need to use the right tip at right time in order to clear village.

Below are some tips and tricks of coin master

1.Watch promotional video to collect spin.

2.Play coin master after 10 hours this is because after 10 hour,virtual machine is filled up completely with 50 spins.Higher the chance to clear village.

3.More coins means more village to build,use all spin and collect all coin then plan wisely to build village.Do some calculation before start building village.

4.Feed pets with food when required.after using pet in event,switch pet in order to use him for future.By this way one time feeding will last longer then usual 4 hours.

5.Before quitting the game make sure to keep minimum coin in the wallet.Storing your coins

is a very huge risk because a raid will certainly mean you will lose it all since the game allows users to rob each other's treasure.

coin master card

Use your coin smartly to open chest in coin master. Don't spend whole money in opening chest. Match village name with the card box name, if you are in that particular village then start opening chest. Will increase the chance of getting new card specially of that particular village. Trade Your Cards Online Trading cards will help you acquire rare cards that will help you unlock new items and collect more gifts. You can find such trading group online.

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