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[ HAKTUTS ] Coin Master Free Spins Link 26-12-2022

Do you want to know where you can obtain free Coin Master spins and coins? Haktuts is the best spot to look for them. Our list contains not only today's deal, but also previous ones, so you still have time to take advantage of them FROM HAKTUTS!

HAKTUTS free spins and coins link 2022 

25 spin 26-12-2022 

25 spins 26-12-2022  

40 spin link 25-12-2022  

25 spin 25-12-2022 

40 spins 25-12-2022  

25 spin 25-12-2022  

50 spins 25-12-2022  

10 spin link 24-12-2022  

25 spins 24-12-2022  

25 spins 24-12-2022
50 spins 24-12-202

25 spin 24-12-2022  

35 spins 24-12-2022
25 spin link 24-12-2022
35 spins 24-12-2022
Coin Crazy link 24-12-2022
The official Coin Master social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide links to free spins. Before they're updated, they're all safe and tested to operate!

More Options For Obtaining HAKTUTS Free Spins And Coins

You don't have to check here every day for new links to gain free spins and spins!

Invite your Facebook pals

You may receive 40 free spins every time you encourage a friend to play the game on Facebook. To receive credit, your buddy must accept the invitation, download the game, open it, and join into Facebook with their Facebook account.

Give each other gifts

You and your pals may send each other free spins and coins every day after you've invited all of your pals and they've joined! This way, you don't lose any personal spins. You can send and receive 100 spins in total.

Wait a little longer.

Finally, but certainly not least, you may simply wait! You will receive 5 free spins for every hour you wait, for a total of 50 spins. If you want to optimise for maximum spins, you should wait no more than 10 hours.

What Is Coin Master and How Does It Work?

Coin Master is a combination of a base-building strategy game with the chaotic excitement of a slot machine. The rules are simple: spin the Slots machine to complete a task. You can gain Coin by attacking other players' bases, raiding player stashes, or obtaining shields that protect you from other players' attacks. Then use the Coin you earn to build and improve the structures in your base.Coin Master is as simple as they come, so you should be able to pick up the fundamentals and start playing in no time. That isn't to say there aren't techniques to improve your Coin Master experience and maximise your play.Coin Master begins with a quick tutorial that teaches you to the game's fundamental features before allowing you to begin playing at your leisure. It's more than enough to get started, but we'll go over some of the basics that the tutorial doesn't cover.In Coin Master, everything focuses on collecting and spending Coin. In Coin Master, there are three basic ways to gain Coin (apart from paying real money): 1) obtaining Coin from the Slots Machine; 2) assaulting other players' bases; and 3) raiding other players' bases You must spin the Slots Machine in order to conduct one of these tasks.

How Virtual Slot Machine Works?

The Slots Machine is where the action is, and this is where you'll be spending the most of your playing time. You may access the Slots Machine by swiping down from the Village view or accessing the in-game menu and choosing it.You'll notice your current number of available Spins underneath the Slots Machine. This number decreases by one with each spin of the machine. Coin Master's Slots Machine includes four reels and four distinctive symbols. You instantly do that action if you acquire four of the identical symbols in a row. A coin bag, a hammer, a pig bandit, a shield, and a spin capsule are the four icons.

Attack Your Friend

Get an entire row of Hammers (the game’s artwork implies this is Thor’s Hammer) and you will attack another player’s base. If you’ve linked your Facebook account to Coin Master, you can choose a friend to attack, otherwise the game picks a random player.The player’s Village will appear on your screen and you’re asked to choose which of their buildings you want to Attack. Attacking a building nets you a Coin reward and reduces the star level of the attacked building.

Coin Reward

The Bag of Coin, as the name suggests, provides you with Coin. You don't need a whole row of them to get the prize, unlike the other photographs. You earn a tiny reward for each Bag of Coin you acquire after a Spin, but collecting a full row of them wins you a larger payment than four individual Bags of Coin.

Raid At Enemy Base

Unlike with Attacks, you can’t choose the target of your Raid. Above the Slots Machine is the name and picture of your Coin Master, a player who is your assigned Raid target. When a Raid begins, you’re taken to your Coin Master’s Village. However, instead of attacking one of their buildings, you’re given three Shovels to dig holes with. There are several locations in the Village that you can dig up (marked by large X’s). Pick three holes to dig up; some of them will contain a significant amount of Coin. This Coin is taken directly from the victim’s current Coin stash and is a great way to get on someone’s nerves.


Your base will be protected by the Shield from hostile assault. You can have up to three Shields active at once, protecting you from three different assaults. When an adversary hits one of your buildings and you have a Shield, your structure will be protected and will not lose its Star rating.When assaulting a player with a Shield, the same rules apply. You will still receive 50,000 Coin (much less than you would normally), but the player's building will not be damaged and its Star rating will not be reduced. It's worth noting that the Shield will not protect you from Raids.

Build And Construct Village

In Coin Master, villages act as levels. Each level requires you to create five structures. You must improve all of the structures in your current Village to a 5-star rating in order to finish it and go to the next Village. Building improvements cost Coin, and improvements grow more expensive as you continue through the game, so be prepared for a grind. The structures have no unique effects or purposes, and their sole purpose is to serve as markers for your progress toward the next Village. In Coin Master, there are currently 314 Villages to finish, each with its own distinctive theme.


Opening Chests, which are purchased with Coins, earns you Cards. There are various different themed Card Collections, each with nine cards. When you collect all nine cards in a Collection, you'll be awarded with free spins, a large amount of Coin, and even Pets.

You may buy three different types of Chests; the more costly the Chest, the more Cards it contains. Your current Village Level determines the quality of the Cards you can acquire from a Chest.

You can also receive unique Gold Cards from the Chests you unlock as you progress through the Village levels. Gold Cards are essentially rarer copies of other cards, and their Collections provide significantly greater prizes when completed.

The Card Trading system is one of Coin Master's most fascinating elements. Every day, you may send up to 5 Cards to your pals, so joining Coin Master forums and communities is a fantastic idea. Many of them have special Card Trading areas where you can make deals with other Coin Master players.

Enemy Retaliation

You can use the Revenge mechanism to punish a player who has attacked your town. You have the ability to fight back if your base has been successfully attacked by another player.

Simply put, try your luck with the Slots Machine. If you collect all of the Hammers in a row, the game will send you to the Attack screen and then to a random Village. Keep an eye out for a Revenge option towards the top of your screen. When you choose this option, the game will display a list of all the players who have lately attacked you. Choose one, and you'll be whisked away to that person's Village, where you may wreak havoc.


Pets are cute creatures that you may take with you on Raids and Attacks. These devoted little creatures also provide wonderful perks to aid you in your quest to become a Coin Master. Pets may be born by going to the Pet screen through the game's menu or tapping the Egg underneath the Slots Machine. Your Pet will offer you its bonus for the following four hours after it is triggered. Your pet will go asleep once those four hours are over, and you won't be able to enjoy the effects for a long time.

Feeding your pet Treats might help speed up their healing time. You may either pay real money to obtain food right away or play the Slots Machine for a chance to win Treats. Treats are offered in addition to the usual prize for your Spin outcome. Giving Pets XP Potions that level them up will improve the effects they provide. XP Potions, like Treats, have a chance of falling with every Slots Machine Spin.


After attacking another player, Tiger Tiger increases the quantity of Coin you win. The Coin bonus grows as Tiger's level rises.


The Creatures Card Collection must be completed in order to unlock Rhino. Rhino, like a Shield, has a chance to block opponent attacks when it is active. Rhino's chances of successfully fending off an opposing attack grow as he levels up with XP Potions. Rhino has a 10% chance of blocking an opponent attack at his basic level.


Foxy is the first Pet you unlock in Coin Master, but it's also the most valuable later on. In Raids, Foxy provides you an additional shovel, giving you another chance to locate Coin or dig out a Chest.


Chests may be acquired for Coins from the in-game shop, as stated above in the Cards section. All Chests have the potential to drop cards of up to 5-star grade, although the more costly Chests have a better chance of dropping better quality cards. Higher level Chests also have a smaller chance of dropping low level cards than lower level Chests, so you'll want to spend Coins on lower level Chests if you're hunting for a specific 1-, 2-, or 3-star card to complete a Card Collection.

Chests can also provide you Pet Snacks, Pet XP, or additional Spins. These are added to your inventory on top of the Cards you acquire, therefore they have no bearing on the likelihood of a Card being dropped.

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